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Grenache Blanc

Napa Valley, California, United States

Alc. 12.9 %

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We are ecstatic to share this special wine with you. Only 200 cases were produced of this rare Napa varietal, which is is just 2,400 bottles. The small batch is lucky to have made it to production since 2017 was a difficult year for Napa County, where they faced extreme wildfires that ravaged many crops in the area. Luckily, Somerston Estate had already harvested their grapes and we're very thankful they were still able to produce this excellent white wine.

The 200 cases of Grenache Blanc if grown at a low yield of just 2 tons per acre, would mean that the grapes would require less than 2 acres of vines. This helps to put into perspective how small the plantings are that make this rare wine! The Somerston Estate covers 1,615 acres and is located 10 miles east of the Silverado Trail, high in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley. Mainly dedicated to the production of Cabernet Sauvignon, the property has a "jewel box" sized block of Grenache Blanc. Tucked away on Priest Ranch Block 6 sitting at 1,250 feet elevation, Somerston Estate grows some of the only Grenache Blanc planted in Napa County. Enjoy within the next 2 years and serve chilled to 10 C.


Very pale colour of yellow, with a straw/grey undertone, pristine, and clear.


This is a wine that evolves and develops over time and temperature. After some time and a few swirls in your glass (we sometimes cup the bowl of the wine glass in our palms to help expedite warming if it is too cold), there is great minerality, fresh fruits, and peppery florals. Rich tropical notes of lychee and guava are settled by notes of limestone, salinity, and blossoms.


We love the texture of this wine; it is light bodied, but the presence of mineral and salinity give it an extra layer of viscosity and body. This weight is effortless and doesn't take away from any of the flavours, but adds some 'oomph' and plushness to the mouthfeel. More citrus and green tropical notes take over the palate, from green pineapple, green apple, white grapefruit, and lemon zest. The finish is lingering on and on, leaving that slick coating on our tongue before being washed away by the cleansing acidity.


Grenache Blanc pairs well with soft cheeses, fish dishes like trout, and 'difficult' vegetables like cauliflower. It also compliments herbs well — like fennel and garlic. Take advantage of Grenache Blanc's ease and versatility and prepare grilled chicken thighs seasoned with cumin and coriander, alongside roasted fennel and maybe even a cauliflower rice!

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