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El Camino


Mendoza, Argentina

Alc. 14.5 %

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North East of Mendoza, Argentina, you will find the beautiful vineyards of El Camino. Sitting amongst the foothills of the Andes mountains, El Camino's vineyards thrive in semi-desert climate conditions. The lack of rainfall with the strong winds, locally known as the 'Zonda', requires winemaker Pablo Minetto to pay close attention to the grapes under his care. Throughout the hot summer months and with the cooling winds that follow, vines are able to flourish here and allow El Camino to create some excellent Argentine wine.

We're excited to be exclusively sharing El Camino's 2018 Malbec, which is Argentina's most famous grape varietal. Malbec was originally a Bordeaux grape, however it now accounts for more than half of the wine produced in the South American country. When grown in the northern parts of Argentina, Malbec is known for its depth and higher alcohol content, both of which are present in bounds with El Camino's Malbec. It is argued that the best Malbecs originate on land that is more risky in nature, with higher elevations and rocky terrain, and we can't argue with that! El Camino's 2018 Malbec is best served just below room temperature of 15-16 C and can be enjoyed now or by 2025.


Clear and glimmering, dark raspberry with an apple hued core.


Loads of raspberry that are over-ripe and plump, bursting with flavour. The fruity berry base is full of currants and blackberries, and is complimented by savoury raspberry leaf, toasted peppercorns, and grilled herbs.


Following the aromas, the palate is consistent and balanced. In addition to the raspberry that forms the central flavours, there is an array of brambly, dark berries, like blackberry and blueberries. There is a cola note that is sweet (almost like over-ripe fruit), with a touch of herbaceous leafy character too. The tannins are sandy and offer a light grip to the round mouthfeel and medium body. The finish lingers with moderate acidity just cleansing the palate and a touch of menthol.


This is a warming wine that leaves us tingly and satisfied. Go old school with a traditional pot roast and roasted root vegetables, with plenty of herbs and garlic.

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