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Amata Prosecco


Veneto, Italy

Alc. 11 %

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Although Champagne may be the gold standard of sparkling wine, there are many other styles that offer a great value! From French Cremant to Spanish Cava, and Italy's famed Prosecco, there is something for everyone. The main difference between Prosecco and Champagne, other than where the grapes grow, is how the bubbles are made.

The charmat method of producing sparkling wine is where the second fermentation takes place in tank rather than bottle. This is a less expensive production, where the intent is to produce fresh aromatics driven by the fruit and highlight varietal character. So you can expect your Prosecco to be bright, crisp, with fresh aromatics and a lively personality. In order to be called Prosecco, it must come from the Veneto region of Italy and the wine must be made of at least 85% Glera.

Glera, a green grape that has been grown in the Veneto and Friuli wine regions for hundreds of years, is also sometimes referred to by the name of the style of wine it produces: Prosecco. You can enjoy Prosecco as 'frizzante' or 'spumante', former meaning partially sparkling, and the latter referring to fully sparkling. This 'spumante' Prosecco is exclusive to our members and perfect for the holidays. Enjoy within the next year and serve chilled to 8 C.


Clear and fairly neutral in colour, almost white but with a slight yellowy-green tinge. Bubbles are moderate at first pour and slowly form afterwards.


There is a distinct crushed minerality or dusty stones, like tumbled rocks or a gravel road. The fruits are crunchy, green, and fresh. We find loads of green apples, underripe pears, and peaches. Lighter notes of fuzzy kiwi skin, nettles, and dried grasses give a neutral and herbal aroma background.


The bubbles are fairly light on the palate, but leave a tingly presence on the middle of the tongue. The acidity forms slowly and is not harsh or racy, instead it is a bit subdued, which allows this to be really easy drinking and pleasantly soft. Again, ample green apple and pears with a bit of a sweeter fruit note shines through. This sweetness isn't candied, but rather riper expressions of stone fruit, and maybe a touch of pineapple. The finish is subtle, but extends for quite a while, lingering just long enough!


Use this Prosecco as the starting wine at a dinner party, either with cheese plates, salad course, or even vegetable based soups. It is really versatile, but not overly bold, so just avoid flavours that are too spicy or fatty.

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