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Opal Ridge

Semillon, Chardonnay

South Eastern, Australia

Alc. 12 %

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Chardonnay is the white wine of Burgundy and Semillion is the key grape in Sauternes. Both formidable French wines on their own! Here, they are blended together with an Aussie accent. This dynamic duo is a common partnership, especially in Australia, where they both bring unique qualities to the relationship. It is interesting to note that in their homeland of France, these grape varietals are actually not typically blended together.

However, just like any good partnership, they are better together! Chardonnay in this warm climate is a bit more tropical and rich in fruit flavours and the stone fruits are riper than if the grapes were grown in the cooler region of Burgundy. Semillon is distinguishable, even in a blend, as it showcases particular notes of straw, wax, nuts, and oil. It also provides a richer and silkier texture that transcends into its flavours. Look for Semillon in this wine with notes of green apple, pear, and even papaya.

Enjoy this wine over the next year and before 2021. Chilled, but not too cold, we found it's strongest at 10-12 C.


Pale yellow, clear, and light — almost colourless in its reflections.


We love this aroma; it is intriguing and a bit seductive! Ripe green fruits — think pear and apple orchards. Clover honey and white peaches give a sweetness, but subtle and airy. Beeswax and white blossoms add extra interest with herbal and floral aromas.


An intermingling of orchard fruits with a touch of citrus with a foundation of green and golden apples, apricot, and tangerine. Key lime or white grapefruit presents a subtle pop of freshness. Chardonnay is the backbone here and is fairly neutral, but delivers a medium weighted body and the majority of the fruit flavours. The waxy acidity and slick texture is compliments of the Semillon. A great medley!


This blend with its mellow acidity and rich texture will partner well with exotic spices, like garam masala, Chinese five spice, or mild curries. If creating an Indian inspired menu, you can use anything from sweet potatoes and chickpeas, to chicken or pork.

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