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Tridente Gota de Arena



Tridente Gota de Arena


Castilla y León, Spain

Alc. 15 %

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It may come as no surprise that Tempranillo is Spain's #1 grape. With the popularity of the varietal taking over Spanish wine exports, you can only imagine how many choices there are when it comes to selecting a bottle! We have featured Tempranillo in the past and we will again, but for this month's feature we have chosen a 2016 from Bodegas Tridente, owned and operated by the Gil Family of wines. Found 30km south from Zamora, Spain, in the middle of the "Land of The Wine", Tridente focusses their wine production on small batches and only red grapes. Tinta de Toro, a synonym of Tempranillo, is indigenous to the area, and the Gil Family maintains their growth and production in order to offer many traditional Spanish reds.

The landscape of the Tridente vineyards are rugged, with rolling hills of sandy soil, where Tempranillo thrives, and sporadic tree-lines. The name Tempranillo originates from the Spanish word 'temprano', which means "early". This varietal is well-known for ripening before other grapes native to Spain and are one of the few varieties whose leaves change colour with the fall into a beautiful, striking red colour. We recommend enjoying this young Tempranillo now, or storing it for up to 5 years. This is best served ever so slightly chilled at 14-16 C.


Dark ruby at the core, with garnet undertones and fades to more of a raspberry colour near the edge.


A very intoxicating nose that exposes unique flavours and keeps us coming back for another sniff. From lilac and cherry jam, to rubber and tobacco leaf - there is an array of ripe berries, purple florals and spicy herbal notes. There is an underpinning of oak and raspberry leaf that add further complexity of earth and vegetal.


Not for the faint of heart, this wine is bold and unique, with rustic appeal and a masculine flavour profile. In addition to dark fruits and jammy sweetness, there are ample layers of deli meat, like salami, mixed with herbs, more tobacco and toasted oak. The fruit profile is both ripe and rugged, busting with blackcurrant, cassis, plum and dark cherry. Baking spice and new leather round out the savoury and spice, with a lingering smoothness plush texture and brambly fruit. The acidity is moderate, and just enough to keep this wine from falling too heavy on your palate, and supported by supple tannins.


We want to keep this wine in Spain with a chorizo and shrimp paella. Don't be shy with the paprika, green olives, and garlic.

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