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Salviano Turlo

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Lago di Corbara

13.5 Alcohol


Unfortunately this vintage is sold out but you can find another vintage here! Within the Umbria region of Italy, bordering Tuscany, the Lago di Corbara DOC is an interesting one. Positioned on the river Tiber, one of the most prominent features of this region is a large dam that crosses the river. The dam's reservoir is a large body of water that has naturally affected the surrounding area's climate, landscape, and viniculture. Seeing as Lago di Corbara is located just north of the white wine mecca of Orvieta, it may come as a bit of a surprise that wine is a newer industry to the area. Even more remarkable is that the Lago di Corbara DOC is exclusively home to red wine production. Quite a feat considering the ever-popular white wines being made in nearby Orvieta. On the right bank of Lake Corbara, you will find the vineyards of Tenuta Di Salviano, whose estate is well-nestled amongst the trees. Their sister property, Titignano Castle, is incredibly beautiful and close-by — if you're ever lucky enough to visit the area. With impressive castle-grounds that are surrounded by ancient stone walls, the castle is a hidden gem in the dense forests along Lake Corbara. Guests are able to enjoy wine tours and tastings, which is a pretty great excuse to visit an Italian castle if you ask us! The wine produced by Tenuta Di Salviano is remarkable in its own right and the Turlò we are sharing is no exception. This red blend is best served at 18 C and can be cellared for another 3-5 years.

How it looks

Pale ruby that fades to garnet, with slight bricking in its reflections.

How it smells

Fig and black currants at first sniff, and then the fruity profile trails to earthier notes of soil and bark. Secondary notes of suede and leather mingle nicely with undertones of rosemary and spice. The rugged aromas offer a smoky appeal and notes of tobacco and leafy greens.

How it tastes

Tart red berries take over the palate, where we find wild raspberry, red currant, and even some brambly cherry. The berries are followed by warm spice, leather, and notes of oak and vanilla. The concentrated aromas of fig translate to the flavours and give a raisin quality that is rich and adds a fuller-bodied presence. Medium level of acidity is lightly fresh, and sandy tannins are fine and well-integrated. Finish of cocoa powder and fruit stem add a dry and lightly bitter finish.

Recommended food pairing

Roasted chicken with a rich and savoury rosemary gravy and creamy mashed potatoes. The herb-heavy seasoning will play well and bring out the rustic notes in the wine, while buttery mashed potatoes will be balanced by the acidity.

2015Salviano Turlo

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