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Domaine Magellan Gallorum

Syrah, Grenache


13 Alcohol


Located on the southern-most slopes of France's Massif Central, a mountainous highland region, you will find the quiet village of Magalas. With traditional cobblestone streets and medieval history, Magalas sits amongst many Languedoc vineyards and wineries. Following the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, this region is home to 700,000 acres of grape-growing vines and produces more wine than all of the US! Domaine Magellan is one of the wineries found here, with three different vineyard sites in their arsenal. With sandstone terroir that produces exceptional Grenache and Syrah, Domaine Magellan's Pezenas Vineyard is home to the grapes in their 'Gallorum' red. With the Mediterranean Sea only 25km away, ideal growing conditions for bold wines are found here. The picturesque scenery between land and sea is something to behold, especially with a glass of wine in hand, of course! Utilizing organic farming practices, the Gallorum grapes are hand-picked for harvest and sorted with traditional winemaking techniques. After aging in Burgundian barrels, we get to enjoy a classic red blend from the region producing the most wine in all of France. Enjoy Gallorum now or cellar until 2025. This wine is best served slightly under room temp at 16 C.

How it looks

Beautifully rich, medium-deep ruby colour with a slightly lighter rim and nearly opaque core.

How it smells

Quite a bold wine at first sniff! Hints of cedar, black/white peppercorn, and deep coloured berries. Your tastebuds are going to start watering a little in anticipation, which makes the first sip that much more gratifying. As the wine breathes for >10 minutes or so, the nose softens and you can enjoy some dark-fleshed fruits like plums.

How it tastes

Considering the bold nose on this wine, the taste is much more even and approachable than you might first think. The tannins are only slightly grippy, making this an easily enjoyed wine. Initially tart with hints of cranberry, underripe cherries, and blackcurrant, this Grenache-Syrah evens out to a pleasant, lasting finish. Once the fruit fades a bit, there is just the right amount of herbal notes to balance everything out. This traditional red French blend will be great for sharing over dinner with friends.

Recommended food pairing

This red calls for red food, like seared Ahi tuna steaks or thick cuts of beef. Anything you cook on the grill is going to love this wine, so get creative and try something new!

2015Domaine Magellan Gallorum

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