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Chateau Haut-Vigneau

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux

14 Alcohol


The Blaye region of Bordeaux is on the Right Bank of the Gironde river, across from the region of Medoc. The region covers just over 5,000 hectares, and home to both red and white varietals. Blaye - Côtes de Bordeaux is an appellation within the region of Blaye, and produces red wines predominantly made with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc — which is exactly what is found in this bottle. On the clay and limestone soils, Merlot thrives! The resulting wines are fruity, soft, but with a great tannic structure and balance. The flavour combination will vary depending on the exact microclimate of the vineyard, the vintage, and the winemaker, but in general you can expect wines to offer notes of musk, oak, fresh berries, and some spice. This wine is exclusive to WineCollective and this is now our third vintage, as we previously featured the 2014 and 2015. Have you saved any to build a vertical? If not, no worries — but we suggest stocking up on the 2016! The 2014 gave us flinty minerality and baking spice, while 2015 was more floral with notes of graphite, and the 2016 is showing fresh and herbal. We are loving the 2016 today and think it is in its prime! If you stock up on some bottles, or want to cellar this a bit longer, it should easily age until 2022. Enjoy at proper room temperature of 18 C.

How it looks

Garnet, glistening, and deep. The colour is rich, but still light and transparent.

How it smells

Blackberry, currant, and black cherry are brambly, dark and a bit dirty. The fruits are warmed, like they have baked in the oven or heated by the sun on a hot day. Cedar, sandalwood, sweet tobacco, and menthol add layers of earth, wood, and savoury. Dried rosemary and raisins linger and have us salivating already!

How it tastes

Mild from the start, with flavour, acidity, and texture building as you take a second sip. This wine is a bit coy at first and shows a softer side of elegant Bordeaux. Medium-light bodied, velvety soft tannins, and fruity acidity that is fresh and vibrant. The berry notes are more red than dark — currant, cranberry, and plum. The rosemary and oak aromas pick up on the palate, leading to a bitter and drying finish that is a bit rugged.

Recommended food pairing

We are gravitating towards mushrooms and vegetarian cuisine. Try a vegetarian lasagna and replace some of the noodles with layers of eggplant, or a mushroom tarte.

2016Chateau Haut-Vigneau

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