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Marqués de Nombrevilla



14 Alcohol


New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand! Have you noticed that we love Spanish wine? We try to limit ourselves, but it can be difficult! In general, Spanish wine offers so much value, the quality of wine produced at amazing prices is almost unmatched (other bargains can be found in Chile, Portugal and South Africa). Sometimes Spanish wines are mistakenly underrated if they aren't from Rioja, a particular oak-aged style from this region became very popular in the '80s and '90s and those are still amazing wines to look for, but we love the 'bang for your buck' you can get in La Mancha, Valencia, Catalunya and Aragon - where you find Calatayud.

Maybe the value is so great because of supply/demand? Spain is the third largest producer of wine and has over a million acres planted to vines, which is more than any other country. We also could never get bored of Spanish wine - even though it's a relatively small country, the variation in styles is endless. In Spain, Grenache is sometimes found as a single varietal wine, but it is commonly blended with its BFF, Syrah. We have a number of different Grenache and Grenache Blends from across Spain, try a few and find your favourite! Enjoy this wine at 18 C.

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How it looks

Brilliant red currant colouring with a deeper core and reflective edges.

How it smells

Calatayud is a warm climate and Grenache here will usually ripen late, increasing the sugar content in the grapes (and resulting in higher alcohol). We note the rich aromatics of red berried fruit, licorice, spicy black pepper and anise.

How it tastes

Although this is a fun and very quaffable wine, you may be surprised by the seriousness that pours from this bottle. The structure and tannin are strong for this young and still fruity Grenache. The acidity is tingly and pleasant, adding a freshness to the spicy flavours. Predominant notes of red berries, especially raspberry and cranberry, with woodsy undertones of brush and bark. The concentration of flavours from these old vines (35-45 years) would show more elegantly with decanting, or if you were patient enough to keep it for a couple more years.

Recommended food pairing

With a bit of spice on the nose and palate, and higher alcohol content, we suggest a richer dish, but avoid spicy flavours that compete with those in the wine. Try braised short ribs, tender pot roast, coq au vin, or a vegetarian eggplant parmesan.

2018Marqués de Nombrevilla

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