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Rocca di Montemassi Le Focaie



Rocca di Montemassi Le Focaie


Maremma Toscana, Italy

Alc. 13.5 %

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Maremma Toscana is an appellation located in the southern part of Tuscany. There are many different wine styles produced here, including sparkling, dessert, and rosè. There are more red wines produced than white and an emphasis on varietal focused wines. You can expect to see bottles from the region labeled as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sangiovese. This wine is 100% Sangiovese, however to be called Sangiovese in Maremma Toscana, just 85% of the wine is required to be made with this grape.

'Le Focaie' translates from Italian to 'the flames' or 'flint'. The name is in reference to the mineral rich soils of Maremma. This viticultural area was once marshland and deemed unusable for agriculture. The region had been drained multiple times, lastly under Mussolini's direction in the '30's. Since then, it has been planted to olive groves and grapes, among forests and fields, and due to its location, it is also a popular fishing port. 'Le Focaie' was aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, so you can expect a smooth and inviting body, along with refined tannins. You can enjoy this bottle today, or save in the cellar until 2023. Serve after chilling slightly to 16 C.


Translucent, red brick core. When tilted or twirled, the outer rim is a lighter hue of unripened strawberries.


Red berry delight! Crunchy, tart and wild cranberry, currant, and cherry. There are faint aromas of herbs, like savoury and thyme. A touch of cherry cough drop and light notes of violet appear with a few more swirls.


Fresh and bright flavours of ripe currants and cranberries sit at the tip of the tongue. As the wine travels back across the palate, the fruits become more wild, earthy, and brambly. The plump red fruits pivot to offer more cherry pit and plum skin, that compliment the sandy tannins. This wine screams Tuscany and Sangiovese, a textbook example of the style with mouth-watering acidity.


Made for tomato sauce and vegetables! Pasta and rice dishes with grilled veg doused with tangy sauces. How about tortelli — a large, square shaped type of ravioli that is typical of Maremma, filled with ricotta and spinach, then finished with a Romesco sauce.

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