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Los Clop Reserva Malbec


Uco Valley, Mendoza

14 Alcohol


Wines from Mendoza, Argentina continue to wow us! This Malbec from Los Clop is definitely one that has captured our attention! The region is so varied that winemakers are spoiled for choice with endlessly different terroirs that span over 350,000 acres of vineyard, where most of these acres stem from the base of the Andes Mountains. Having such a vast cultivated area means winemakers can grow extraordinary diverse varieties of grapes, but none are as renowned or celebrated as the awesome Malbec! This Malbec was harvest from the Uco Valley, situated in the North-Western part of Mendoza. Close to the border with Chile and on about the same latitude as Santiago, the region is known for its high elevation vineyards, some exceeding 7,500 feet. That means that they are growing vines in places higher than the Appalachians, and producing a uniquely fresh character, acidity, and age-ability in their wines. We think everyone should get to experience the heights of this wine, served at a cool room temperature of 18 C. Get into your bottle right away or tuck it away in the cellar for up to 7 years.

How it looks

Deep and heavy in the glass. It's a dark and stormy plum that swirls with underlying indigo and blue tones.

How it smells

Bright floral notes of violets and roses come out of the glass first, followed by stewed and gushing sweet, red and dark fruits. Childhood memories of cutting into a freshly baked bumbleberry pie filled our senses from the lingering jammy sweetness, with the juicy freshness of real fruit and a hint of vanilla.

How it tastes

Invigoratingly fresher than anticipated! The first sip is where those high altitude traits are all on show. Sharp acidity enters with brambly mixed red and dark fruits, notes of raspberries, sugar plums, boysenberries, and grape jam fill your palate. Hints of sweet green tobacco and stems are strikingly cool alongside the ample warmth of alcohol that washes over. Delightfully smooth through to the long finish and subtly supported by powdery fine tannins.

Recommended food pairing

This had us dreaming of Chilaquilas - a glorious mound of fresh smoky queso, salsa verde, silky crema, and avocado heaped onto corn tortillas.

2015Los Clop Reserva Malbec

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