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La Lisse Soie d'Ivoire

Chenin Blanc

Haute Vallée de L'Aude

13 Alcohol


Haute Vallée de L'Aude is one of over 150 registered IGPs (Indication Géographique Protégée) in France. Unlike an AOC designation, IGPs are not restricted to specific production areas. IGPs can span regions, but also have criteria that control and ensure the quality and style of wines being produced under that title (but far less strict than AOCs). For example, IGPs allow for higher yields in the vineyard and are less restrictive of grape varietals that are permitted — including wines made from international varietals (think Syrah or Merlot). Haute Vallée de L'Aude IGP wines are produced in the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region, and can be made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Viognier. If a wine is labeled as a single varietal, as it is here, it must be made of at least 85% that varietal. However, if 2 grape varietals were listed on the label, the wine must be comprised 100% of only those wines. Chenin Blanc from Southern France is known for its high acidity, which is why the varietal is often used to make sparkling wines. You can expect flavours from pear and quince, to passionfruit and honeycomb. Serve chilled between 8-10 C and enjoy tonight, or by 2021.

How it looks

Very pale, dusty gold colouring.

How it smells

Fresh picked, juicy pears show off a light and fruity aroma. There is a mixture between tart and underripe orchard fruit, and tropical sweet lychees. Lemon and candied citrus peel add a bit of zip, balanced by white floral blossoms and a bit of greenery. Basically, springtime in a glass!

How it tastes

Balanced and fresh, with very similar flavours from the nose. Meyer lemon, orange zest, pear and apple form the the profile of vibrant and aromatic fruits. The mouthfeel is creamy and lush, transcending the texture of the wine and also adding a richness to the deep, fruity layers. An extra level of interest is found in lemongrass, florals and chive; while zesty and peppery greens are intermingled with the sweet citrus and fleshy fruits. Tons of bright acidity create a refreshing and crisp wine. Round, layered, and intriguing, this wine is fun to enjoy and offers something for everyone!

Recommended food pairing

We think you should always have a Chenin Blanc at the ready, as it's perfect for those meals that pose a pairing conundrum. From tangy goat cheese, to difficult-to-pair-with veg like asparagus, brussels sprouts, or arugula. It is also a great seafood, salad, and aperitif wine. The freshness and natural acidity of this Chenin will even be a match for a rich but delicate soufflé.

2018La Lisse Soie d'Ivoire

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