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El Viejo del Valle

Pinot Noir

Central Valley

13 Alcohol


El Viejo del Valle or 'old man of the valley' is harvested from vineyards in the Central Valley of Chile. This wine celebrates the 1950's Chilean street graffiti. Although this style of art had been around decades prior, it became popularized during the late '60's and early '70's as a form of political speech. Under Pablo Neruda, socialist scenes of protests and working people were painted overtop of right-wing campaigns. The style of this art is identified by the bold black outlines, 'filetes', that became synonymous with Chilean street art. However, during the dictatorship rule of Augusto Pinochet, street art was made illegal and artists fled the country. Only since the 1990's did the popularity of street art return to Chile. Boutinot Wines produces wine from vineyards in both the northern and southern hemispheres, both old and new world. In Chile, Boutinot has strong and long relationships with several premium growers, who they source their fruit from. At the base of El Descabezado volcano, you can find "El Infernillo" (translates to little devil), a 50 acre "wiry old block of Pinot Noir" which was planted in 2000 on glacial riverbed. An interesting fact, "All components of this wine are vinified in a 200 year old hacienda that has survived three of the strongest earthquakes in recorded history!" Enjoy by 2021 and chill to 16 C.

How it looks

Clear, clean and reflective, a ruby hue with a transparent core and cherry rimmed edges.

How it smells

Savoury and fruity! There are notes of herbs, like rosemary, thyme and sage mixed in with cherry and raspberry. There is a waxy note too, that adds some extra interest; think candle or wax crayon.

How it tastes

At first this wine is reserved and it requires a few swirls in your glass or to be decanted before serving in order to get the full experience. From the start, the herbs and dusty earth minerality take the center stage, while the fruit notes linger in the background. With time, wild raspberry and tart strawberry begin to show. The tannins are fine and light, like cooled black tea leaving a slight drying bitterness on your palate. This is medium-light bodied with zippy, but fine acidity, and a moderate finish of bramble and earth showcasing a touch of oak.

Recommended food pairing

We can't decide between a charcuterie board, Cuban sandwich (the pickles and mustard go surprisingly well), duck pancakes, or a medley of roasted winter vegetables - from squash and beets to parsnip. This wine likes the play between sweet, salty, and tangy!

2017El Viejo del Valle

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