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Rosewood Riesling AF


Niagara Escarpment, Ontario

11.5 Alcohol


Don't be alarmed by the "AF" in the name of this off-dry Riesling from Rosewood Estate. They're not being crass, it stands for Arrested Fermentation! That's the name of the method used to halt the fermentation process before all the grape sugars have been converted into alcohol. It's a common technique for Riesling, which often needs some sweetness in the final wine to balance the high levels of natural acidity. In a region like Ontario's Niagara Escarpment, where Rosewood Estate is situated, cool-climate grapes like Riesling excel. The Rosewood Estate story began out of a passion for beekeeping, which lead first to a meadery, and later to the planting of two vineyards on distinct sites: one on the Beamsville Bench, and the other on the Twenty Mile Bench. Both are farmed sustainably with an eye to preserving the natural landscape, and of course the food sources for the bees they still manage! Enjoy now, well chilled, and dream of the coming summer.

How it looks

Vivid golden yellow that fades to pale and clear only at the outer rim.

How it smells

Poignant and bold, but welcoming, keeping us really intrigued and going back for multiple sniffs. Initially, savoury aromas waft out of the glass with green olive tapenade, matchstick, buttery biscuits, and beach wood. With some swirls, more fruits emerge, from green strawberries, lime leaf, and candied lemon peel.

How it tastes

Medium-light bodied with a silky texture and light effervescence. The palate shows a stronger fruit profile and milder secondary notes, flipped from the nose. Continuous flavours from candied lemon peel, with added peach, white grapefruit, and chamomile.

Recommended food pairing

This is the perfect time to add some extra spice to your meal. Riesling is a great match for spicier foods, like Pad Prik King or a classic Pad Thai. Experimenting with Asian recipes that have some kick to them will be a great win with this Riesling, so get adventurous!

2017Rosewood Riesling AF

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