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Sicily, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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As one of the "Old World's" most prominent wine countries, Italy is home to some of the most iconic wineries you can find. When you're surrounded by vineyards with hundreds of years of history, it can be daunting to start fresh and be the new kid on the block, but this isn't the case for Mandrarossa. With 20 years under their belt now, award winning Mandrarossa is producing innovative, international, and indigenous Sicilian wines that have made them a key asset to the Italian wine industry. Basing much of their work on years of research and countless studies, the team at Mandrarossa have carefully selected which vines to plant through extensive soil mapping. If you didn't think science had much to do with winemaking, think again. Their dedication to learning more about their land and industry makes Mandrarossa standout as a leader in a country that is home to a robust wine history and commitment to tradition.

WineCollective has chosen to share Mandrarossa's Chardonnay, which is derived from Laguna Secca (dry lagoon), where the now dry, flat terrain has soil rich in nutrients thanks to its wetland past. This particular terroir allows the Chardonnay to have its varietal characteristic crisp, mineral attributes, while also being an overall enjoyable wine. We're huge fans of this Chard and know you will be too! The Mandrossa Chardonnay is best served nicely chilled at 8 C and is ready to be opened now, though can be cellared until 2022.


Sunshine-hued straw yellow with golden-green highlights.


Indicative of the vine's origin, there are notes of orange peel, oleander flower, apricot, and ripe prickly pears. The overall refreshing citrus notes are balanced and have our tastebuds ready to indulge.


If the rich and creamy characteristics of oaked Chardonnay isn't your cup of tea (glass of wine?) then we highly suggest you give this un-oaked Chard a try. A beautifully plush, round wine to sip, that has greatly balanced minerality with a hint of the citrus notes from the nose. Subtle orange zest, figs, and young stone fruit like apricot add just the right amount of fruit flavour. Low acidity and tannins make this a very easy wine that we're hard-pressed to imagine not enjoying!


If you're planning a seafood night, this wine needs to be on your table. Pasta alle Vongole (pasta with clams) topped with fresh parsley would be a great entrée if you're serving a crowd. Grilled prawns or baked mussels are also going to work well. Basically, the sea is your friend when looking for menu items with this Chardonnay.

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