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Urciuolo Vini Danimi Ghimel




Urciuolo Vini Danimi Ghimel


Salento, Italy

Alc. 14 %

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Urciuolo Vini was founded in 1996, by brothers Ciro and Antonello, acting upon their father's dream. However, their story truly began in 1992 when they planted just 3 hectares of Fiano in Forino. These first vines were planted to an area not intentionally destined for vineyards, but instead was planted to hazelnuts. The story of Ciro and Antonello's first wines is demonstrated continuously, in the commitment and passion to develop their region of Puglia and re-define convention.

Danimi is one of three brands produced under Uricuolo Vini, the others are Fratelli Urciuolo and Cantine Faliesi (which WineCollective has featured previously). The Danimi wines are produced in Campania and Puglia, both regions within southern Italy. Salento IGT covers three provinces within Puglia: Taranto, Brindisi, and Lecce. Salento stretches from the southern beaches of Leuca, approximately 180 kms north to the border of Basilicata, covering more than 11,000 hectares. Salento is known for producing some of the finest Negroamaro wines, as the warm Mediterranean-style climate here suits the variety well. Still young and vibrant, this wine will easily rest until 2022, or enjoy today served at a cooler 16 C and allow to warm to room temperature in your glass.


Brambly, wild, and freshly picked berries. The fruit aromas are youthful, fresh, and showcase cherry, currants, and red plum. Earthy notes in the form of soil and bark add a rugged appeal, alongside sweet black liquorice and green herbaceous flavours of stem and raspberry leaf.


The palate is balanced between rugged earth, bitter and gritty tannins, and fresh, tart, rich berries. The primary flavours of wild berries compliment the somewhat brooding nature of the wine, elevating it and brightening the entire experience. The body is rich and full, yet also very dry. We find a light tingling and quick drying sensation across our entire palate. The finish leaves us with black berries, oak, and toast notes.


Take your pick! From bison burger and elk steak, either offering a gamey profile matching the wildness in the wine. Or strong cheddar and aged cheeses that will accentuate the fruitiness in the wine. Feeling inspired? Orecchiette is a traditional Salento pasta made with durum flour (they look like elephant ears) and serve with vegan quinoa and black bean meatballs in a zesty tomato sauce.

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