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WineKoolR 240

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WineKoolR produces exceptional units that are worthy of storing your wine collection, without breaking the bank. Both of these cabinets store wine at 12-17°C and include a top-level wine-cooling unit to reach the perfect temperature you need to serve any bottle of wine. In our blog we have previously mentioned the importance of cellaring and serving your wine at precise temperatures in order to ensure the aging process, taste and aroma are not altered. You can check out our list of variety-specific serving temperatures here!

Perfect for any wine lover, this storage cabinet holds 240 bottles behind a bulletproof glass door. That’s right, bulletproof, because you never know…

Also includes:

  • Digital programmable controls with a LED display
  • UV thermo pane glass door Fridge240
  • High temperature alarm
  • 12 Shelves
  • Lock with key
  • Interior light
  • Regular household outlet plug
  • Your choice of Black Ebony or Mahogany finish
  • 1 year Vintage Keeper™ manufacture warranty
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 72” x 27 x 29
  • Weight = 210 lbs
  • Requires 3” space at back and sides for ventilation. 4” required space on top

These wine cellar fridges are a great option for cellaring your wine if you do not have room in your home for an entire cellar. You can easily place them anywhere and have complete faith that your bottles and wine will be well maintained for years until you are ready to cool and enjoy.

Assembly and set-up of your cellar is simple and painless! We have built the 500 in an afternoon using the easy to follow instructions. Don’t be intimidated by the size, you will be amazed how quick your wines will be resting comfortably. A helpful hint for you! Write down the serial number of your Vintage Keeper on your warranty card before installing. Both cabinets come with an easy set-up and manual.

* Standard shipping rate for the 240 bottle cabinet is $200 to most major centres, there may be additional charges depending on the shipping location.

Read more about our fridges on our blog.

WineKoolR 240

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