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Lupo Meraviglia Due di Due

Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera


14 Alcohol


Negroamaro, meaning 'black and bitter', creates deep and concentrated wines. In its youth, it displays strong berry flavours, with secondary notes of licorice, forest floor, and tobacco. With age, it can develop richer layers of fig, prune, as well as spices and herbs. This grape is synonymous with the wines of Puglia, as it is almost exclusively grown here (with tiny amounts found in California and Australia), and more specifically in the southern region of Salento. Negroamaro thrives in hot, arid climates and can withstand drought conditions without compromising the phenolics and acidity levels. Malvasia Nera is grown throughout Italy, is rarely bottled as a single varietal wine, and in the souther region of Puglia, most commonly blended with Negroamaro. The duo makes a perfect pair, as Malvasia Nera is aromatic and fruity, complimenting Negroamaro's richness, body, alcohol, and tannins. Due di Due is made using ancient methods in addition to employing modern technologies. During the fermentation process, millstones are used, which increase the contact of the skins and the must (extracting more colour, flavours and increasing tannins), as well as allowing for greater oxygenation. With a foundation of strong tannins and acidity, there is an opportunity to age this wine. If opening soon, decant an hour before serving at 18-20 C, or cellar until 2024.

How it looks

An opaque, deep crimson core, with ruby edges.

How it smells

Heavenly notes of vanilla bean give the aroma a sweet and decadent undertone. Currants, black cherry and blackberry are rich and concentrated, like berry compote or pie filling. Roasted beets are sweet and herbal, giving unique savoury and caramelized vegetal flavours.

How it tastes

Full bodied with ripe tannins that leave a sandy and drying mouthfeel long after your sip finishes. The lingering flavours are cherry pit, plum skin and, bitter berry brush, creating a brambly and woodsy character. Brooding and deep, the fruit layers are dark and concentrated. Again, we find notes of blackberry, black cherry and currant, accompanied by figs, balsamic reduction, leather, and menthol. The acidity is fresh and bright, popping mid-palate and highlighting lighter fruit flavours for just a moment.

Recommended food pairing

Puglia is home to glorious breads and pastas, and is the home of orecchiette (‘little ears’). Toss with 'cervellata di toritto', a beef & pork sausage seasoned with fennel, or go veggie with 'cimi di rape' (broccoli rabe), tomatoes and a fine olive oil.

2017Lupo Meraviglia Due di Due

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