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Pinot Noir, Petite Sirah

Lodi, California

13.5 Alcohol


Spanning over 5000 acres, the Ironstone estate is located in the sub-region of Lodi in the Central Valley of California - just east of San Francisco Bay between the cities of Sacramento and Stockton. Despite being over 100 km inland, the area still benefits from a Mediterranean climate, largely due to the many rivers that run through it. The warm days are perfectly suited to producing full-flavoured wines - like this one! Fred and Marie Kautz began farming in Lodi in 1926. Their son, John Kautz, continued the family farming tradition and was named "National Outstanding Young Farmer" at the age of 35. Having grown primarily vegetables, in 1965 he began to plant the first grapes and established Bear Creek Winery. With 15 years of experience under their belt, the Kautz family established Ironstone winery in 1980. John has admitted that he wants Ironstone to be "the most beautiful winery in the world". Potentially as a part of this goal, the family has planted over 300,000 daffodils (including 98 different varieties) on the road leading up to the vineyard. Serve Ironstone Pinot Noir slightly chilled at 13 C. Drink now or cellar up to 2 years.

How it looks

Pale ruby core, fairly transparent throughout, with slight rose-coloured highlights at the edge.

How it smells

Bright and refreshing, we love the fruity aromas of pomegranate, raspberry, and black cherry that drift out of the glass. There's an earthy prune note that softly mingles with an inviting spicy quality of black pepper and clove, rounded out by a touch of vanilla.

How it tastes

One sip and we're thrilled at the bright red fruit combined with juicy black cherries. Spice elements of cloves intermingle with black tea, vanilla, and just a touch of herbaceous freshness! Light-bodied with a blooming acidity, the soft tannins coat our palate with a delicate and slightly earthy, leather quality. Approachable and easy-drinking, this is certainly a palate-pleaser that can be enjoyed on its own or with food.

Recommended food pairing

We're inspired by all the possibilities with this wine! Try it with a brown sugar glazed ham, mushroom bruschetta, or your favourite pork or chicken dish.


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