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Epicerie de Castelnau Blanc

Colombard, Picpoul de Pinet, Uni Blanc

Pays d'Hérault

12.5 Alcohol


When drinking a blend, it can be easy to skip checking out the different grapes you'll be enjoying. But we recommend always taking a look so you can get to know your varietals. It's even more exciting when you read some names you haven't heard before. It's time to learn something new! The grapes used in this white blend include: Colombard, Uni Blanc, and Picpoul de Pinet. Never heard of them? You aren't alone. Colombard is actually widely grown around the world and due to its acidic nature, is often used to structure blends. It's a reliable backbone for wines from France to California to South Africa. Secondly, Uni Blanc is the most widely grown white grape in France and goes by many times, including Trebbiano in Italy. Lastly, Picpoul de Pinet also goes by Folle Blanche and was first noted being used in France in 1696! Together these three grapes work beautifully together to provide a well-balanced, approachable white. Epicerie de Castelanu Blanc is ready to be enjoyed this year and is best served at a chilled 8-9 C.

How it looks

Sparkling clear, medium yellow with a slightly lighter rim. Sunshine in a glass!

How it smells

"Bright and fresh", comes to mind immediately when pouring this French white. Fruit forward with plenty of juicy pear, lemon rind, and ripe lychee. The nose is bold and fragrant, but very inviting and gets our mouth watering.

How it tastes

Could this be the perfect wine to bridge spring and summer?! So refreshing when perfectly chilled, this white blend is a welcoming evening (or afternoon) pleasure to enjoy. The brightness from the nose carries through to your tastebuds, with more lemon, pear, green apple, and a hint of herbaceous lemongrass. Leaning a bit acidic, this wine is very palatable and well-suited for most anything; which is what we're looking for in an easy summer white!

Recommended food pairing

This is an easygoing wine that is going to be perfect to have on-hand for lazy weekends where you don't want to slave away in the kitchen. Kick back and order in pizza, but pile on your own fresh arugula and backyard tomatoes.

2018Epicerie de Castelnau Blanc

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