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*Vaglio Aggie*


Mendoza, Argentina

Alc. 13.5 %

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José Lovaglio Balbo, winemaker and owner, began Vaglio in 2012 as a passion project, with not only the purpose of making wine, but telling his own story. José is the son of esteemed winemaker Susanna Balbo, who is somewhat of a 'rockstar' in the world of winemaking, especially in Argentina. José grew up in vineyards and then studied at UC Davis, before returning to Mendoza, where he remains a head winemaker at Dominio del Plata, while focusing on his vision for Vaglio Wines.

Vaglio Wines are produced to reflect the individual microclimates of northern Mendoza. Each wine is harvested from a single vineyard, which is distinguished by its unique soils. The wines are made with minimal intervention, which means the wine is not manipulated to produce a particular style. Instead, Vaglio wines are meant to showcase the qualities from their vineyard, with each wine demonstrating a different expression of Malbec. The Aggie, one of five Malbecs produced under Valgio Wines, is harvested from a 52 acre vineyard planted in 2008. The vines are sustainably farmed at over 1,100 meters on calcareous and stony alluvial soils. Decant for 30-60 minutes prior to serving. Enjoy today, or hold for another two years and serve at 18 C.


A deep, almost opaque core, and the colour of velvety red plums. The edges are bright and cherry coloured with a narrow watery rim.


Not much effort is required to enjoy the aromas leaping from the glass. The bountiful berries are bright and fresh, and a bit tart. We lean to dark currants, cranberry and wild black cherry. There are also secondary notes of sweet sun-baked plums and blueberries, with a touch of saddle leather cocoa nibs.


A touch austere at first sip, the tannins are quick to provide a drying presence that lingers and sticks to your gums. The acidity is slow building and balanced, folding nicely into the sweet berries and ripened plums. Bitterness of plum skin or cherry pit, combined with light leather notes and toasted nuts, give more depth to the fruity profile that enchanted us from the nose. Aged for eight months in 40% new French oak, which provides a round and mouth-filling body, with light flavours of butterscotch and vanilla.


Portobella mushroom burger with sautéed onions on a toasted brioche bun. Underlying earthy qualities and strong tannins will balance well with the richness of butter and caramelized flavours. An easy wine to pair with almost anything on the BBQ!

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