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Luca Old Vine



13.5 Alcohol


A fourth generation winemaker, Laura Catena grew up in a winemaking family in Mendoza. Branching out from her work at her father's Argentina winery, Catena Zapata, Laura Catena now also makes wine under her own label. Luca wines are created from Laura's vision to produce small batches of high quality wines, that speak to the unique characteristics of the vineyard's terroir. Named after her son, Luca sources grapes from some of the oldest vines in Argentina. Many of these vineyards had been used for years in the production of bulk wines, but Laura saw the potential for quality and negotiated with growers to cut crops and produce better fruit. She has become a pioneer in advancing and improving small-grower relations within Mendoza. The best grapes are used by "winemaker to watch" Luis Reginato to produce the critically loved wines of Luca, which some consider to be the finest wines coming out of Argentina. Approachable today after decanting for an hour, this wine can also be aged if you have the patience, and will easily hold until 2025. Serve at 18 C.

How it looks

Raspberry beret, with a vibrant core that transitions to a beautiful shade of pink.

How it smells

Both elegant and masculine aromas dance from the glass. Dried florals, ground coffee beans, dark plum, and a touch of cassis. The flavours found here are rich and decadent, but well balanced and restrained - making them more alluring. With a few more swirls, cedar or wood chest and sweeter notes of baked cherry pie.

How it tastes

The flavours on the palate require a bit more coaxing. At first there is a dominance of stemmy and earthy flavours that travel seamlessly with the cottony tannins and moderate yet supple acidity. With each sip the layers build, and more fruit notes are unveiled, mimicing the ripened berries from the nose. The finish adds complexity with cherry pit, plum skin, and pencil shavings. Not your typical Tuesday night Malbec, this one is worthy of a slow dinner and good company!

Recommended food pairing

Malbecs are like the 'little black dress' of wines, especially when it comes to summer time feasting. Pair it down with burgers, or put on the heels and go to town with pork chops served with a savoury jus and creamy mash.

2017Luca Old Vine

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