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Les Terriades Rosé D'Anjou



10.5 Alcohol


New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand! Les Caves de la Loire is a co-op located in Brissac-Quincé, south of Angers in the greater Loire Valley region. 160 growers and 1,600 hectares make up the cooperative that was established in 1951. The majority of land and growers are located centrally in the Loire Valley, in Anjou. Typical of the region, Les Terriades Rosé D'Anjou is made of 100% Grolleau Noir, though more commercially successful varieties such as Cabernet Franc, are also found commonly used in blends. Grolleau is derived from the French word 'grolle', meaning "crow," referencing the deep black colour of the grapes. The variety is not permitted in many appellations and overall plantings are declining in Anjou. Les Caves de la Loire is certified AgriConfiance et Démarche Vignerons En Développement Durable, which ensures traceability from grape to bottle. Drink at 6 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Bright candy pink, consistent colouring from core to rim.

How it smells

Bountiful rich, ripe strawberries, jolly rancher candies and some watermelon. The nose is dominantly fruit based, but if allowed to warm slightly, we find some herbal notes.

How it tastes

There is a weight and plumpness to the wine, which translates to rich body and texture. Even though the grape has dark skins, they are also thin. Skins provide tannin to wine, this rosé has low tannin and moderate acidity. Fresh red berries displayed purely on the palate. It is slightly off-dry, leaving a light residual sweetness in the mid-palate and finish.

Recommended food pairing

Strawberry and spinach salad with a creamy, light poppyseed dressing.

2017Les Terriades Rosé D'Anjou

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