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*Chalkboard Chardonnay*




*Chalkboard Chardonnay*


California, United States

Alc. 13.5 %

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Another gem from Chalkboard! We featured their easy-drinking red blend in May packs, and now for June it's Chardonnay's turn to shine. If you missed it last month, the Chalkboard range was created to pay homage to the "daily special" wines served by the glass or carafe and advertised on hand-lettered chalkboards in casual restaurants and bistros around the world. Chardonnay is a perfect candidate for the Chalkboard treatment. With a relatively neutral flavour profile, it can easily be enjoyed on its own, but it's complex enough to pair with a variety of dishes.

But don't be fooled by the humble background. The Chalkboard range contains some seriously well-made wines! Using purchased fruit sourced from a variety of growers (often from highly-regarded sources whose own, much more expensive, bottlings are protected by non-disclosure agreements), Chalkboard are able to offer high-quality wines at surprisingly good prices.

Enjoy this refreshing unoaked Californian Chardonnay now at a lightly chilled 12 C.


Warm, lemony gold in colour with a pale rim.


Expressive nose of ripe tropical fruit, Golden Delicious apple, with hints of melon and honeysuckle. There's a slight herbal undertone reminiscent of hibiscus tea and a lingering floral note that gives this wine plenty of character while remaining light.


Dry, medium-weight palate with great texture and depth of flavour. Repeating notes of apple flesh and tropical fruit, finishing with bright, lemony acidity. A great crowd-pleasing style that will be a perfect addition to your summertime wine lineup!


Enjoy solo while relaxing in the sun, or match with grilled halibut served with mango salsa. If you're looking to really pull out all the stops, a freshly made avocado shrimp ceviche would be the perfect afternoon snack on the deck.

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