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*Caleo Negroamaro*


Apulia, Salento, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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The Puglia (or 'Apulia' in English) region is found in the southeast corner of Italy. The smaller area within Puglia, Salento Peninsula, forms the heel of the boot that is Italy. It is hot, flat, and dry like the rest of the region. So much so that locals have nicknamed the sun 'Il Mezzogiorno' meaning 'relentless sun' as there's almost no reprieve from the bright rays. Fortunately, the heel is sandwiched between the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea allowing for cool breezes to offset the constant glare.

Negroamaro is a dark-skinned indigenous grape varietal with ties to the region going back at least 1500 years. While it is found almost exclusively in Puglia, it has made recent appearances in California and Australia where the climate is similar. We love this full-bodied and versatile gem from Caleo. Impress your guests at your next gathering or savour it all to yourself (we won't tell)! Serve at 18 C and save up to 2 years.


Intense ruby red core. Almost entirely opaque to the edges where there are hints of cherry red.


A few swirls of our glass and we are charmed by delicious aromas of red forest fruits intermingling with hints of plums and wild cherries. Rich, spicy, and harmonious, the fruit is rounded out by a slight note of tobacco. We also find a surprising, yet pleasant, touch of shoe polish.


Full and fruity, the rich and luxurious notes of ripe strawberry, raspberry, and wild cherry lead into voluptuous tannins that coat the palate. We also find a slightly earthy hint of raisin intermingling with a spicy thyme element. The concentrated, medium to full body offers a pleasing acidity and satisfying finish. A superb example of Negroamaro's unique characteristics, this bottle won't last long at any party. Make sure you get your share!


This wine calls for meat! Go classic Italian with a simple spaghetti and meatballs. Or, treat yourself and order in your favourite BBQ chicken pizza!

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