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*Koiné Nero d'Avola*

Nero d'Avola

Sicily, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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Sicily is the southernmost wine region in Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Boasting at least 3000 years of grape growing (some sources believe Sicilians have been making wine since before the arrival of the Greeks in the eighth century), it is home to over 250,000 acres of grape vines. Here, the Mediterranean climate provides an abundance of sunshine balanced out by dependable rainfall that is perfect for producing well-rounded and exceptional wines. Sicilian winemakers take pains to emphasize and showcase their indigenous grape varietals - like Nero d'Avola, where it accounts for 20% of grapes grown in the region!

Pronounced "nay-ro 'deh' ah-voh-lah", it directly translates to 'Black of Avola' and is affectionately referred to as the 'little black grape'. This is, of course, due to the grape's dark colour and ties to the town of Avola on the Southeast coast. If you're a lover of Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah - this is a match for you! Serve at 18 C and save up to 2 years.


Supple medium ruby core seamlessly transitioning into pale ruby edges, with hints of raspberry.


We are quickly greeted by luxurious and soft aromas of ripe, nearly overripe, black fruits like blackberry, mulberry, and blueberry that drift out of the glass. There's a slightly spicy note that reminds us of chilli pepper accompanied by a delightful hint of balsamic sweetness.


Bunches of fruit quickly cover our palate bringing to mind plump blackberries and blueberries with additional notes of black cherries and plums. These fruity elements are seamlessly merged with spicy notes of pepper and anise. Medium to full-bodied with well-integrated and structured tannins, a lively acidity, and generous finish. This palate-pleaser was done in an accessible style and is sure to satisfy wine lovers everywhere. Raise a glass and 'Saluti'!


Meat is a great partner here; try BBQ burgers with bacon or keep it simple with a charcuterie board. Vegetarian? Try it with a black lentil and shiitake mushroom burger!

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