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Barón de Turís Reserva




Barón de Turís Reserva

Tempranillo, Monastrell

Valencia, Spain

Alc. 13 %

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La Baronía de Turís is a great example of the quality possible when traditional know-how, old vines, and modern technique meet. The winery (located in Valencia, Spain), is steeped in history. The first written record of wines from Turís comes from King Phillip IV, who noted the quality of their wines as early as 1626. In 1920, a group of 70 of the estate's grape-growers banded together to purchase the winery to run as a co-operative. We loved their wines so much that we have included two of their releases in June packages - this 2015 Reserva, and the 2013 Gran Reserva.

Though Valencia as a region has lower minimum ageing requirements for wines labeled Reserva or Gran Reserva than other parts of Spain, La Baronía de Turís ages their Reserva for at least 12 months in barrel, followed by bottle ageing until release. As a result, this 2015 Reserva arrives to WineCollective members perfectly matured and ready to drink! Tempranillo from Valencia has a markedly different character than that grown in the cooler Rioja and Ribera, and is softer and riper with lower acidity. Monastrell contributes some dark fruit and structure.

While this wine is ready to be enjoyed now, it will continue to evolve in the bottle for the next 3-5 years. Enjoy at a slightly cool 18 C.


In the glass, the Barón de Turís Reserva is a medium ruby red with slight bricking at the rim indicative of its maturity.


Barón de Turís Reserva shows a classic Tempranillo nose, with notes of bright red fruit, warm baking spices, leather, and earth. There's a hint of vanilla from the American oak barrels, but the fruit and earth notes are in balance.


Medium bodied and dry with fine, integrated tannins. The fruit is present throughout, with darker blue fruits to complement the tart cherry and raspberry, with lingering hints of spice.


The classic Tempranillo pairing is lamb, as the flavours draw out the earthiness of the wine, but you can go regional with a Valencian paella, or vegetarian with grilled portabello mushrooms. Either way, stick to big, rustic flavours and you can't go wrong!

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