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*Barón de Turís Gran Reserva*




*Barón de Turís Gran Reserva*

Tempranillo, Merlot

Valencia, Spain

Alc. 13 %

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The second wine from La Baronía de Turís that we are featuring in June packages is this stunning Gran Reserva from 2013. Like many traditional Spanish bodegas, La Baronía de Turís separates the Tempranillo grown by their more than 70 co-operative members and designates each barrel for inclusion in either their Crianza, Reserva, or Gran Reserva bottling. Though ageing requirement in Valencia are lower than elsewhere in Spain, this Gran Reserva spends at least 18 months in barrels before completing its maturation in bottle, arriving to us ready to be enjoyed!

Winemaking has a long history at La Baronía de Turís, and though the first written record dates back to 1626, there have been grapes planted on this land for thousands of years. In its current form, La Baronía de Turís has been owned by a co-operative of its farmers for 100 years! Co-operatives are common throughout Spain, as they allow smaller growers and land-holders an opportunity to pool their resources to get their spectacular wines into our glasses.

While this wine is ready to be enjoyed now, it will continue to evolve in the bottle for the next 5-7 years. Enjoy at a slightly cool 18 C.


The eyes don't lie! The Baron de Turís Gran Reserva is a medium garnet, with an pale brick-red rim that indicates its development.


Developed, nuanced spice notes and hints of vanilla, sweet tobacco, and leather complement the still-lively red-berry fruit of this classic Tempranillo. The nose is elegant and complex, with more emerging with every swirl of the glass.


Dry and medium-bodied with dusty, lingering tannin. The red fruit and spice notes from the nose are still present, but tertiary flavours of leather, spice, and earth are the star of the show. The acid has softened, and the result is a smooth, developed, and harmonious red.


Tempranillo is about as versatile a food wine as you can ask for, but with a perfectly-aged example like this, stick to rustic dishes with simple preparations. Think roast lamb or pork, or rabbit in a herb sauce. Game meats would work well here too - anything to complement the earthy complexity of the wine.

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