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Laughing Stock Pinot Gris



Laughing Stock Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris

Naramata, BC, Canada

Alc. 13.5 %

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New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand!

In high demand, this Laughing Stock Pinot Gris is rarely available outside of BC and a tough wine to find. The Okanagan does many things well, and Pinot Gris is definitely one of them! Laughing Stock is an artisanal producer, concentrating on “super premium, small production wines” and is located in Naramata, just north of Penticton. They have constructed a wonderful “portfolio” of wines which show off the maturing Okanagan terrior.

Cynthia and David Enns took the Okanagan by storm years ago, when they left the sights of Bay Street finance behind them. The “garagiste” style winemaking and the wines' packaging really stand out in a crowd, with ticker tape from the stock market the day the wine was harvested, here, October 10th 2017.

This wine was partially fermented in concrete eggs (15%), which is becoming more popular in boutique wine production (however used sparingly due to the cost). Although modern technology, the concept is rather historic, and based on the Roman amphorae. Why a concrete egg? It keeps the temperature regulated and cool without added effort from the winemaker. It is also a porous material, allowing oxygen to permeate, which will soften tannins, and add texture and body. The shape of the egg allows the wine to move freely, and with the convection that is created from fermentation, there is more contact with the lees, adding complex flavours.

A wine that is very suitable to shorter term ageing, if you have the patience, but we enjoyed it today at 10 C.


Soft, buttery yellow and glimmering when swirled in your glass.


Fruit forward and exotic with pear, melon and the winery says 'lemon lime pixie sticks'. There is a definite creaminess to the aromas that spur memories of creamsicles, custard and Turkish Delights. The fruits are citrus and tropical, but with a piña colada spin!


We will get to the fruit and flavours in a minute, but first we need to gush over the texture of this wine. Plush, creamy, velvety and generous... we could go on! An effortless liquid that glides across your palate and offers lemon meringue and key lime, juicy green melon and apple sauce. We can attribute the richness of the palate to the whole cluster pressing, fermentation in neutral French oak, and also concrete eggs.


What keeps us coming back for another taste is the fresh acidity, which elevates the weight of the wine and keeps the flavours crisp and clean with every sip. These bright fruit flavours have us thinking of grilled chicken served with a mango salsa.

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