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Domaine des Malandes



Domaine des Malandes


Chablis, France

Alc. 12.5 %

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We absolutely love Chardonnay here at WineCollective and examples like this from Domaine des Malandes are a big reason why! Chablis has long been a benchmark region in France for one of the most arresting expressions of this often-misunderstood grape. Located north of Burgundy, the region is known for soils rich in Kimmeridgian limestone, which is composed of ancient deposits of crushed marine fossils. Chardonnay grown in this unique environment take on a flinty, steely minerality, and the cooler climate of northern France further emphasizes this lean, focused freshness.

Domaine des Malandes is a small family-run estate, begun by Lyne Marchive in 1973 with 7 hectares of vines inherited from her parents. It's now under the guidance of her children Richard and Amandine, who have expanded the holdings to 29 hectares throughout the region. The focus remains on sustainable farming and the promotion of genetic diversity in the vineyards, which contributes added depth and complexity to their wines.

Enjoy this classic Chablis now or over the next 2-3 years at a lightly chilled 12 C.


The Domaine des Malandes opens with mouth-watering notes of lemon rind, crunchy red and green apple, and orange blossom. There are complex hints of blanched almonds, honeycomb, chalk and wet stone, with almost a saline quality to the minerality.


Medium body and free of any oak, this is pure, refreshing Chablis at its best! The acid is a touch higher than medium, providing great freshness, and the long finish is full of red and green apple peel, pie crust, and wet stone flavours. Balanced, ripe, and delicious - it will go fast!


Oysters, of course! This is the classic pairing, but really any fresh seafood would be a perfect match for this Chablis. For something a little different, try with a spring salad of pea shoots, watermelon, and mild goat's cheese.

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