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*Rioja Vega The Wine System*




*Rioja Vega The Wine System*


Navarra, Spain

Alc. 14 %

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Officially speaking, Rioja Vega was registered as a brand in 1921. However their roots go back further, to 1882. Dates aside, this is a winery with impressive heritage in Spain's wine industry. With 70 hectares of vineyards growing their selection of grapes, including one of Spain's popular varietals, Tempranillo. It just so happens that we chose to feature Rioja Vega's 'The Wine System' 2018 Tempranillo with you, and for good reason. A historic wine brand like Rioja Vega is a trusted name when it comes to seeking out wine. Their popularity and ability to still be a thriving winery after over 135 years, is a testament to their commitment to offering great wine to the world.

If you've been drinking red wine for awhile, you've likely given Tempranillo a try. When we're looking at Spanish Tempranillo in particular, it is typically full-bodied, but can have a more opaque appearance. As you take a close look at the wine in your glass, you may notice The Wine System is more translucent. This is due to the grape's thinner skin and larger size. We love when wines surprise us in new ways!

The Wine System is ready to enjoy now or within a couple years. We suggest serving slightly chilled at 13-15 C.


A deep burgundy centre with a lighter, brick-hued rim. It's invitingly bright and clear.


Get ready for a robust wine! This Tempranillo is bursting from the glass with plenty of deeply rich berries: currants, blackberries, and ripe black cherries. The fruit is refreshing thanks in part to the secondary notes of eucalyptus, raspberry leaf, and brambles.


The nose and palate are consistent, and we like that because it indicates balance and intention in the wine. The body is light and easy drinking, but carries dark fruits and a woodsy taste and texture. Dark currants and black cherry are dominant and offer rich flavour without being juicy or jammy. This is an effortless sip that give some light, supple tannins, and moderate acidity.


Mexican night of burritos or nachos is a great choice! Don't go too spicy, but load up on the veg and seasonings. This is a fruity and clean wine that will be an easy pairing for the layers of cheese, salsa, and guac!

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