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La Purisima Consentido Merlot




La Purisima Consentido Merlot


Yecla, Spain

Alc. 13.5 %

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Consentido is the project of Bodegas La Purisima in Yecla, Spain. Established in 1946 by a group of local grape-growers, their desire to showcase the high quality of wines that are possible in the region culminated in Yecla's recognition as an official D.O. (Denominacion de Origin) in 1975. But grape-growing is an ancient tradition in Yecla, dating back well over 2000 years! Consentido translates as "spoiled," but is often used to mean "with purpose" - a reflection of the winery's commitment to quality, and a desire to spoil us with exceptional wines!

We loved these wines so much we selected 3 for our members: Macabeo (an important local white grape), Merlot, and Syrah. All three are aged in stainless steel, and express pure fruit characteristics and fantastic depth of flavour. In all of their wines, Bodegas La Purisima utilizes sustainable viticultural practices to ensure the health of the vineyard and surrounding ecosystem. The 2018 Merlot is ready for you to enjoy now around 18 C.


A bright and vibrant ruby-garnet red.


The nose on this Merlot is quite fruity. We get plenty of ripe, red fruits like raspberry and cherry. On second sniff you're met with some more richer, subtle savoury notes of bay leaf and anise. The prominent fruits are enticing and really get your senses ready for your first sip.


What an incredible Merlot! The fruit-forward nose sets expectations high for an onslaught of fruit, but the overall profile is more subdued than you would expect. The red fruit notes are still present, with raspberry, cherry, plum, and fig. Slight floral notes bridge the gap between the sweetness and savoury notes, which include anise raspberry leaf. This is a very smooth, full-bodied red with supple tannins. A wonderful Merlot from Spain.


Grilling some lamb burgers will be a great summer evening meal with this red. Would also be great with a sweet potato, chickpea curry.

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