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*Casalotta Durello Spumante Brut*



*Casalotta Durello Spumante Brut*


Veneto, Italy

Alc. 11.5 %

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What is 'spumante'? It is literally translated from Italian to "sparkling wine". The term refers to the veracity of the effervescence, rather than where the wine was produced or the grapes used. Spumante is a 'fully sparkling' wine, while the term 'frizzante' is used to identify a 'lightly sparkling' wine.

Italian Prosecco can be a Spumante, but not all Spumante can be a Prosecco. Prosecco is produced in a specific region, Veneto, while Spumante can be made in any region in Italy. Prosecco is made with the grape, Glera, while Spumante can be produced with many different grape varietals or blends. The Durello grape is often used to make Spumante and originates from the northeast region of Italy, in Veneto - also where Prosecco is made. Durello is not overly popular as an export, and is not commonly planted, but still is found and used by a handful of Italian producers. Durello Spumante is a bit of a 'local's choice' in Verona and is often ordered in the place of Prosecco. Produced in the Charmat method, this wine is intended to be fresh, zesty, and enjoyed soon after bottling. Pour this summer and serve chilled to 8 C.


Fine, persistent dancing bubbles that linger in clusters well after the wine is poured. Soft straw hue, clean and clear in the glass.


Elegant and fresh aromas that range from floral to orchard fruit, with some nuances tucked in between. Canned pears and ripened apricots and peaches offer a sweet and fragrant backdrop. Finer notes of vanilla, sweet lime juice, white blossoms, and almonds add layers of new aromas.


The bubbles continue persistently and linger in a light froth on the tongue. We are treated to a zesty palate, not indicative of the ripened stone fruits from the nose. Instead, this dry wine offers a medium acidity that is round, and complimented by almond croissant, pink grapefruit, golden apple, peach fuzz, and a splash of citrus. A super approachable bottle of bubbles that offers perfect balance and intrigue that makes it a great sip on its own (but we also love it for a mimosa too!)


Breakfast for dinner? Or maybe a Sunday brunch or picnic? Try your hand at an elevated egg dish, like quiche or soufflé. Serve with a fresh garden salad and your best friends!

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