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Les Cerisiers Côtes du Rhône

Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Syrah

Côtes du Rhône

13 Alcohol


The Boutinot winery has been settled just above the village of Cairanne in the Southeast of France since 2010. Winemakers Eric Monnin and Julien Dugas strive to make wines that they describe in terms of "drinkability"; wines that can be enjoyed and savoured right away (particularly with food), but will also continue to develop in complexity as they age. Their utilization of organic practices demonstrates their dedication to a connectedness to the land and the winemaking process that is essential, although they have not pursued the actual certification (a process that can be both expensive and time consuming). Their motto can be found on the neck of the bottle: "Fide et Arte" alluding to their attitude that their wines represent a " in nature and skill of the hand". The bee symbol echoes this notion as it is dependent on nature to create honey by diligently collecting pollen. So too are the winemakers at Boutinot who work tirelessly with the land and to share wines that they hope are savoured and enjoyed around the world! Drink now and serve at 10 C.

How it looks

Delicate and elusive pale salmon pink core. Crystal-clear with the slightest tinge of orange.

How it smells

We are immediately reminded of the smell of freshly picked red fruits like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries that come in the warmer months. Delicate floral aromas of rose-hip and wild berry blossoms intermingle with softer citrus hints of pink grapefruit. Summer in a glass!

How it tastes

This blend of Grenache Noir, Cinsault, and Syrah boasts an elegant body, bursting with freshness and an unexpected hint of spice. Fruit notes of ripe raspberries and cherries coat the palate, while rounding out with light floral notes of white and pink blossoms. We are delighted by the bright and lively acidity with a slight citrus lift of pink grapefruit on the finish. Boutinot does not disappoint and certainly leaves us wanting more!

Recommended food pairing

Perfect for a light summer dinner of grilled fish or vegetables on a backyard patio in the sun.

2019Les Cerisiers Côtes du Rhône

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