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*Domaine Font de Courtedune*




*Domaine Font de Courtedune*

Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Syrah

Côtes du Rhône, France

Alc. 14 %

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Many wines, especially red wines, are blends of two or more varietals. You may not realize the wine you are drinking is a blend because the label only notes one varietal, since depending on the region, the winery may only have to disclose a second or third grape if it is a particular proportion of the total wine. For example, your Napa Cabernet may have a dash of Merlot, but as long as the Cab constitutes at least 75% of the composition, the other varietals aren't required to be stated on the label.

Some enthusiasts profess their love for single varietal wines, however 'blends' are some of the most sought after and distinguished wines in the world, just think of Bordeaux! Rhône is another region in France that is also synonymous with classic blends, like GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre). This Grenache-Cinsault-Syrah is a perfect example of how a winemaker uses the qualities of each grape to build the perfect balance within a wine. Described as 'textbook Côtes du Rhône', the Grenache base (70%) is showcased perfectly! Enjoy by 2022 and serve at 16 C.


Medium-light, cherry hue with garnet reflections and rustic edges.


Boasting notes of cracked pepper and French countryside or 'garrigue', the aromas are earthy and accented by spice, herbs, plums, and cassis. With time, the aromas of tobacco leaf, wild cherry and more distinct herbs begin to appear.


Medium-light bodied with supple tannins and moderate acidity, a balanced base to showcase the earthy fruits and elegant spices. Again, there is underlying notes of cracked pepper and light baking spices, followed by a bitter note of plum skin and briar patch that accentuates the dry palate and slight grit from tannins, which leave a sticky feeling. Whole cluster fermentation means that the grapes were vinified with the stems, which can add tannic structure and phenolic compounds. This wine was not aged in barrel, so the woodsy notes are complements of the fermentation and terroir.


When in France...pair with simple and classic French cuisine. The winery suggests charcuterie and patés or terrines. Ham is a quintessential cured meat in France and Jambon de Bayonne is a delicacy from south west France, where the pork is cured only with the salt from the Adour River basin.

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