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Vineland Semi-Dry Riesling



Vineland Semi-Dry Riesling


VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Alc. 10 %

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New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand!

Riesling lovers in Canada are very lucky, good riesling is produced in both major wine producing regions (the Okanagan and in Niagara) with the smaller players often producing good wines. The secret? Riesling loves a cooler climate and high latitudes-our wine regions just happen to be almost the same as the vineyards of Germany the “other” great home of riesling. This example from Vineland Estates is labelled as “Semi-Dry” which will tip off your palate that there will be some residual sugar in the wine. That added sweetness can make riesling flabby of insipid, unless balanced with plenty of acidity which is often the problem with cheaper off dry examples. Vineland Estates has a long tradition with Germanic varietals and is one of the best Ontario producers. Riesling in general does age well, but we also like to enjoy them in their youth with bounds of freshness and acidity. Serve well chilled, around 8-10 C, within the next couple of years.


Shimmering, light yellow.


Bountiful aromatics of ripe orchard fruits and apple blossoms. The floral notes are light, sweet and delicate, playing lightly ontop of the ripe fruits and secondary notes of bees wax and dried grasses.


Vineland does a great job of tele-porting us to their vineyards, as they describe their wines with lots of flare - we can't help but be excited to try their wines, "You can almost feel the glass of wine vibrate with a youthful, harmonic energy as you approach. The wine and all it has to show is coiled, ready for the release. White peach, orange blossom, honeycomb and an intoxicating floral array spring from the glass and envelope you in a heady sensory cloud. The bright, focussed acidity grounds this charge of a wine and is, at the same time, the perfect foil for the subtle sweetness. Although continually bristling with nervous energy this wine stands firm, balanced and tall upon a base of classic limestone minerality."


This sort of riesling can easily be enjoyed on its own, but should compliment crab, Asian cuisine, lobster, pork or scallops but take care to not let the wine warm up too much over dinner.

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