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Feudo Maccari Olli



13 Alcohol


Grillo is known as a native Sicilian varietal, but as with most grapes, there are several different origin stories. Whether Grillo was first brought to Sicily from Puglia, or is a crossing of other varietals, it has established strong roots on the hot and dry Italian island. Key characteristics of Grillo made it ideal for the production of fortified wine, which is why it became the primary grape used to produce Marsala. Over the years Grillo was replaced with Catarratto because of its higher yields. Grillo is grown using bush-trained vines, or alberello, which is a method of viticulture used in hot climates. Instead of growing tall on trellis with ample vines and foliage, the bush vines remain close to the ground requiring less energy and resources, but also limiting the amount of fruit that can be produced. Today, Grillo plantings have fallen to just 3% of the white varietals in Sicily. Now, the grapes most commonly found are fresh and light, white blends. There are not very many single varietal Grillos in the market, this is a uniquely rare opportunity to enjoy this Sicilian treasure. Serve within the next year at 8 C.

How it looks

Fun golden hue with a crystal clear shine that catches the sunlight beautifully.

How it smells

Welcoming notes of golden apple, fresh lime zest, and almost ripe green pears. There's a wet stone / flinty note layered in the delicate fruit aromas which gives a freshness. A slight waxy note lingers in the backside pulling it all together.

How it tastes

Out of the gate, a bright and fresh palate presents itself. The medium plus acidity is likened to green pineapple or a cold, extra crunchy Granny Smith apple. The citrus zest is clean and refreshing. Bordering on medium body, served not super chilled, the roundness of the mouthfeel is similar to Viognier or a crisp Chardonnay. Playful with some tingly gums and a finish that is perfect for a hot summer day (or night). We really enjoy the versatility of Grillo - it's a crowd pleaser for everyone, from Pinot Grigio lovers to Sauvignon Blanc fans. Enjoy!

Recommended food pairing

Our (second) favourite part of wine - what to eat! A glass of Olli Grillo is a perfect match to a cedar planked salmon with grilled broccolini and potato salad. Alternatively, a fresh take on risotto with lemon and either fresh market peas or asparagus. The acidity in the wine will balance the fattiness of the salmon or creaminess of the risotto.

2017Feudo Maccari Olli

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