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De Martino Vigno

Carignan, Malbec, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère

Maule Valley

13.5 Alcohol


Chilean wines can be overlooked by wine lovers, so whenever we get an opportunity to showcase a truly special example, we jump at the chance! De Martino is a historic, family-owned winery that dates back to 1934, when founder Pietro De Martino left his native Italy for Chile. Settling in the region of Isla de Maipo, which has a Mediterranean climate similar to his homeland, Pietro began making new world wines with a distinctly old world style. The winery is currently helmed by the 4th generation of the De Martino family, who carry on their great-grandfather's vision of producing distinctive, character-filled wines that capture the essence of the land. Vigno is not just the name of this wine - it's an association of 15 Chilean wineries that are committed to preserving and promoting old, dry-farmed Carignan vineyards in Maule. De Martino's example is sourced from a small 4.5 hectare plot that was planted in 1955, and it's what is often called a "field blend" - wine made from a vineyard that has multiple grape varieties intermingled in the same plot. In this case, it's predominantly Carignan, with small amounts of Malbec, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carmenere. After picking, the grapes are fermented using wild yeast, and then aged in large, 5,000 litre oak barrels called "foudres." The high capacity of the barrels means the oak influence is minimal, and allows the fruit character to shine. Enjoy now, or cellar for a further 10-15 years. Decant if possible and serve at a slightly cool 18 C.

How it looks

Dark, brooding ruby red with hints of purple at the edges.

How it smells

What a fantastic and complex nose! Fresh fruit aromas of ripe black currants, cherry, and strawberries overlay earthier notes of leather, smoke, cloves, rosemary, and sweet pipe tobacco. With air, more subtle spice and tea notes emerge, and ripe plum joins the party. This is a wine to be savoured!

How it tastes

Medium bodied and perfectly balanced, with silky smooth texture and very refined tannins. The long finish is loaded with flavours of red and black plums, ripe black cherries and raspberries, with a lingering freshness that calls for another sip! If you're going to hang onto this wine in your cellar for the next few years, these flavours will only evolve further and will be well worth the wait. Decanting before drinking now will help the profile too.

Recommended food pairing

Hit the grill and pair this spectacular red with picanha or flank steak served with fresh chimichurri. Or try it with lamb shanks braised with rosemary to highlight the earthier notes in the wine.

2016De Martino Vigno

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