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Pinot Noir


14.5 Alcohol


New World Pinot Noir lovers rejoice - we found your new favourite! Acacia Pinot Noir comes to us from California's Carneros appellation, which spans the southern ends of both the Sonoma and Napa valleys. Carneros winemakers in both counties are likely to tell you that their climates have more in common with one another than with the rest of the valleys to the north. Because of its proximity to the San Pablo Bay, Carneros is impacted both by cool wind and frequent fog that reduces the intense heat of the more northern reaches of the valleys. As a result, it's the perfect place to grow cool-climate grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and the resulting wines tend to be more delicate and refined than those grown elsewhere in the state. Acacia is a great expression of the magic of Carneros - it displays all the ripe red berry fruit that California reds are known for, while retaining the elegance and complexity of Pinot Noir. Serve at a cool 16 C and enjoy in the next 3-5 years.

How it looks

Pure, clean ruby red with a clear rim.

How it smells

Bright and expressive, with lots of ripe black cherry, raspberry, and currants, along with hints of dried herbs and sweet spice. There's subtle notes of toasty oak and vanilla that add warmth and complexity.

How it tastes

Soft, round, and mouth-wateringly delicious! Plenty of bright red fruit on this balanced Pinot, with classic notes of cherry pie and raspberry. The acidity is present throughout, and keeps the palate fresh. Tannins are fine and integrated, providing just the right amount of structure and heft.

Recommended food pairing

Don't be afraid to go a bit bigger on flavours than you might with an earthier French Pinot, and match this vibrant red with pan-seared duck breast with cherry sauce. Or save it until the holidays! The tart acidity and red fruit would be a perfect match for a traditional turkey dinner.


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