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*Pandolfa Battista*


Chardonnay Rubicone, Italy

Alc. 12.5 %

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Nothing gets us immediately excited about a wine more than a striking label. Before we even know what's inside, a well designed exterior gives us clues to what's to come once we pop the cork (or unscrew the top). Pandolfa has this aspect of wine truly figured out. Bright colours catch the eye and the unique illustrations are enough to intrigue most anyone. While it's a direct marketing choice to have such engaging labels, it's also much deeper than that. Pandolfa is a "young" winery for Italy, at just over 500 years old, and with that youth, they are embracing a "second renaissance", combining the estate's past and present. This movement includes contemporary labels, visually impressive illustrations across their online presence, and acknowledging the historical figures from their estate's past.

Pandolfa's Battista Chardonnay might not be what you expect from an Italian estate winery. But you won't be disappointed. This bottling is represented on the label by namesake Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta's bitter enemy's wife: Battista Sforza. The colours are inspired by the 1950s, when the Villa underwent major restoration works. The mindfulness in Pandolfa's exterior is complementary to the incredible wine inside. Enjoy Battista at a lightly chilled 12 C now until 2024.


Very pale, nearly clear outer rim with flecks of gold throughout.


Beautifully fragrant and light, with hints of citrus blossom and white flowers. A light almond nuttiness comes through with a touch of vanilla and crunchy green apples.


As this Chardonnay doesn't spend any time in oak, don't expect the typical Chard tones you would get from traditional barrel-aged wines. Battista is a drier Chardonnay with fresh acidity, medium body, and plenty of exciting citrus fruit flavours to keep your mouth watering. The finish is slightly waxy, but pleasant, with notes of crisp apple, grass, and pear.


The body and acidity here are calling for a porcini mushroom pasta dish, with topped with extra, freshly shaved parm.

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