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*Collefrisio Eò Pecorino*




*Collefrisio Eò Pecorino*


Terre Di Chieti, Italy

Alc. 13.5 %

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When you see Pecorino, your mind may make the instant association with the cheese! But what do you know about the grape? There is little known about its history, but it is almost certainly native to Italy. It was thought to be completely extinct by the mid-twentieth century until some forgotten vines were found and cultivated as recently as the 1980's. Today, its use continues to rise and accounts for 30% of all grapes grown in the Terre di Chieti area of Abruzzo. This pale grape is a little temperamental, requiring patience and attention to prosper much like Pinot Noir. That being said, all good things are worth waiting for - and Pecorino wines are no exception!

'Pecora' translates to sheep in Italian, but it may also take its name from the 'transumanza'; a route that Shepherds would take to herd their sheep from Abruzzo to Puglia. These grapes ripen early, just in time for the Shepard's flock to come across them and it became one of their favourite snacks! Serve at 9 C and drink now up to 2 years.


Delicate pale straw yellow core that slowly transitions to completely translucent edges.


Appealing and aromatic, we love the tropical fruit notes that drift out of the glass, intermingling with a touch of citrus. We're pleasantly surprised by a slight white peppercorn tinge, offset by equally captivating green tea notes. We also find a subtle hint of sweet honeysuckle.


Remember the early days of Summer? That's immediately what comes to mind for us, as delicate tree fruit notes of clementine, nectarines, and white peaches coat our palate. Lemony citrus and a subtle floral element add depth while maintaining a fresh and crisp feel to this palate-pleaser. There's a satisfying minerality accompanied by a bright and lively acidity. Medium to full bodied with an elegant finish that lingers on and leaves us wanting more!


Would pair perfectly with your favourite white fish dish or, you guessed it, pecorino cheese!

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