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Central Valley, California, United States

Alc. 13.5 %

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While Malbec may make us immediately think of Argentina, where it's become the nation's superstar grape, it's equally at home in other warm, sun-drenched climates. This great example from Callipepla is proof in a bottle - it's from California's sunny central valley, but in the northern end, where the cooling influence of the San Francisco bay helps preserve the grape's acidity. It results in a wine that expresses all the ripe, plush fruit that Malbec is known for, while retaining balance and freshness.

The name Callipepla comes from the Latin name for the California Quail, the small, sociable state bird depicted on the label. There's a small amount of Syrah in the blend to add structure, but this wine drinks pure Malbec! And since only 70% of the wine undergoes a 4-month stint in oak, the profile is fruit-dominant and plush. If you love Argentinian Malbec, you'll find a new favourite here. Enjoy at about 18 C within the next 2-3 years.


Callipepla pours a dark, opaque raspberry red with a purple core.


If you've ever had a wine that was described as a "fruit bomb," you'll know what this wine is all about! Loads of ripe blue and black fruit, with currents, blackberries and black plum, with notes of blueberry jam. There are hints of savoury herbs and white pepper to provide depth and complexity to the alluring fruit.


Ripe, full and plush on the palate, with soft tannins and a long, dense, juicy finish. Though the fruit provides the impression of sweetness, Callipepla finishes dry, and the refreshing acidity had us going back for more. This is a crowd pleaser of a wine with plenty of character and great balance.


Go for big flavours to complement the punchy fruit of this wine - think veggie chili, BBQ ribs with sweet & smoky sauce, or a spicy lamb burger with onion jam. There aren't a lot of dishes that will be too big for Callipepla Malbec, so bring on the bold flavours!

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