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Brass Tacks Red Blend




Brass Tacks Red Blend

Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, Merlot

California, United States

Alc. 14.5 %

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Much of California wine country has a homey, welcoming nature. Maybe it's the smaller communities, the years of battling drought and wildfires, or the unanimous importance placed on elevating California wines. This mindset is at the core of Brass Tacks, where a commitment to "craft wines that are true expressions of California's wine growing regions and varietals" stand at the forefront of their winery business. The goal of Brass Tacks is to get back to the nuances and history that is at the root of California winemaking, which results in classic, approachable wines that are flavourful and ready to pair with your next meal.

This particular red blend is made with traditional Bordeaux varietals and plenty of California style. Awarded 92 points from the Sommelier Challenge, this blend is a crowd-pleaser with backbone. The grapes are sourced from reliable vineyards that add their own unique mark, and include California's premier red varietals. By using traditional, minimalistic winemaking techniques, Brass Tacks offers a wine that allows "classic varietal characteristics and true California terroir to shine through in every glass." Enjoy this red at 18 C in the next 3 years.


Juicy, bright aromas of rich fruits like raspberry jam, cherry, and blueberry are at the forefront. Subsides to more earthy notes of black pepper, baking spice, and tobacco. After some time in the glass, the fruit takes the stage again without being too sweet.


Similar to the nose, we are greeted initially by nicely ripened blue and red fruits: blueberry, raspberry, black currant, and juicy plum. This is an approachable wine on all accounts, with medium body, tannins, and acidity. Which is just what we're looking for in an easy wine to pair with plenty of exciting dinner ideas!


The rich fruit flavours in this approachable red blend are perfect for homemade pulled pork, piled high on fresh brioche buns. If you're feeling creative, try going meatless and make jackfruit "pulled pork".

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