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El Enemigo



13.5 Alcohol


El Enemigo is a passion project created by Catena Zapata's chief winemaker, Alejandro Vigil, and historian Adrianna Catena. With deep roots in Argentina's wine industry, the pair set out to make wines that paid tribute to the history and tradition of the craft, while simultaneously thumbing their nose at the status quo. It's unusual to find Semillon from Argentina, but if this bottling is any indication of the quality possible, that might not be true for long! It's a grape most closely associated with Bordeaux, where it's believed to have originated. There, it's prized for its thin skin and susceptibility to noble rot - a quality that makes it critical for the production of the famous sweet wines of Sauternes. El Enemigo's Semillon is fermented with wild yeasts in mostly neutral French oak, and aged for 15 months in 225 L barrels. It's a great example of the complexity possible from this grape, and should be enjoyed over the next 3-5 years, with only a light chill to allow the aromatics to shine.

How it looks

How it smells

This golden yellow Semillon shows aromas of exotic fruit like passionfruit and quince, along with baked pear, orange blossom, and hay. The oak is present but balanced, and there are hints of chamomile and vanilla. It's complex and developed, and with a bit of time to warm up in the glass, more subtle layers emerge.

How it tastes

Quince, pear, and apricot abound on this medium-bodied, complex white. It displays incredible texture and depth without being heavy - kept fresh by generous and balanced acidity. The finish is long and pure, with plenty of orchard fruit and a hint of white pepper. It's a perfect alternative for lovers of fuller-bodied Chardonnay or whites from the Rhone, and will age beautifully.

Recommended food pairing

To emphasize the savoury, herbaceous notes in the wine, think traditional chicken vol-au-vent or a simple potato and leek soup. Or go bold and match the texture and complexity of this wine with equally full-flavoured food. Asian dishes with plenty of aromatic ginger and lemongrass would contrast beautifully. It would also shine with simply-prepared and seasonal fresh seafood.

2018El Enemigo

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