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Bleasdale The Powder Monkey


Langhorne Creek

14 Alcohol


If we told you how many times we have featured a Bleasdale wine, you might not believe us! It's been a few years since Bleasdale made an appearance for WineCollective members, and it was definitely worth the wait. A fifth-generation producer of impressive Australian wines, founder Frank Potts, travelled from England to South Australia in 1836. Shortly after, Frank and the Potts family started planting vines. Now the second oldest family-owned and run winery in all of Australia, Bleasdale was the first and founding winery established in Langhorne Creek. There is so much history in this 170-year-old Australian winery, and their expertise shines in every vintage they produce. Shiraz is Australia's most popular varietal, genetically linked to France's Syrah. Shiraz is fairly adaptable and can be grown in warm-moderate to cool regions, which makes it thrive in Australia's higher altitudes and Barossa Valley. 'The Powder Monkey' comes to us from the Langhorne Creek appellation, which is home to nearly 40% Shiraz vines. Enjoy this Aussie red now until 2030, at a slightly chilled 17 C.

How it looks

How it smells

A very deep, rich nose with aromas of dark chocolate, plum, and smoky oak.

How it tastes

You'll want to open this wine for a nice occasion. A classic Shiraz, beautifully executed. Flavours of slightly bitter dark chocolate mingle with all kinds of black fruit: cherry, plum, fig, and currants. There is a subtle sweetness from the fruits, with enough peppery notes to keep this Shiraz solidly out of the "sweet wine" category. We've heard a lot about this wine across many vintages and have to agree with the many accolades.

Recommended food pairing

Time to spend some hours in the kitchen and make a wintery beef stew. Plenty of root veggies and savoury seasoning will make a heaping bowlful the perfect companion to this outstanding Shiraz.

2015Bleasdale The Powder Monkey

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