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Domaine San de Guilhem




Domaine San de Guilhem

Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc

Côtes de Gascogne, France

Alc. 11.5 %

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Domaine San de Guilhem Blanc comes to us from Gascony in south-western France, just north of the Spanish border. While the region is perhaps best known for its brandies (it's home to Armagnac), the grapes grown here are also used to produce delicious and underappreciated table wines! These wines often use the same white wine grapes that make the base wines from which Armagnac is distilled - in the case of San de Guilhem, it's Colombard that makes up the majority of the blend. While Colombard on its own makes a fruity, dry white, the addition of a healthy dose of Sauvignon Blanc to the final blend adds crisp, citrusy acidity.

Gascony's proximity to the Atlantic ensures a reliable cooling influence that makes it perfect for this style of light, dry white wine. The growing season often extends well into October, with harvest typically taking part in September for the earlier-ripening Sauvignon Blanc. Once fermentation of the grapes is completely separately, the final blend is assembled and bottled and ready to enjoy!

Serve this refreshing white now or over the next 2-3 years at a well-chilled 8 C.


Though it's only 30% of the final blend, the Sauvignon Blanc makes itself known immediately with aromas of white and pink grapefruit and granny smith apple. There's a riper stone fruit note that suggests peaches and pears, along with an unmistakable herbaceousness that keeps things fresh and vibrant!


This is a crowd-pleaser for sure! There's plenty of juicy peach and pear notes on the palate again, but no sweetness and the Sauvignon Blanc shines on the finish, contributing zesty, thirst-quenching acidity. The balance is ideal, and as the wine warms up in the glass a pleasant minerality emerges to complement the fruit freshness.


Shellfish is a natural match - oysters or mussels would be ideal - but the Sauvignon Blanc in the blend opens up a world of possibilities! Dishes with asparagus, and tangy cheeses like chevre, are often tricky to pair, but the grassy notes from Sauvignon Blanc make wines like this a great fit.

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