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Chateau de Corcelles Les Copains d'Abord



Chateau de Corcelles Les Copains d'Abord


Vin de France, France

Alc. 12.5 %

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Les Copains d'Abord means "friends first," and it's the perfect name for this fun, friendly Gamay from a seriously historical winery! Dating all the way back to the 15th century, and recognized officially as a French National Heritage site since 1927, Château de Corcelles has been owned by the Richard family since 1984. Their goal over the last three decades has been to make outstanding wines from one of the most historic properties in Beaujolais.

Made from 100% Gamay from vines averaging 40 years old, Les Copains d'Abord is vinified with partial carbonic maceration. This technique, made famous in Beaujolais, involves allowing the whole clusters of grapes to begin fermenting before any juice is pressed out. As a result, all the bright, fruity aromas of the berries are preserved. To further emphasize freshness, the wine is aged for only a short time in stainless steel, with no oak influence. The resulting wine is versatile, food friendly, and perfect for spring weather!

Pop this delicious Gamay in the fridge for 15 minutes, and enjoy now or over the next year.


Fresh fruit galore on the nose of this wine, with tart cherry, ripe raspberry, and even a bit of candied strawberry leading the way. There's a fresh leafiness behind the fruit that provides almost a cooling impression, and a hint of floral aromatics.


While Les Copains d'Abord is light in body, it is certainly not lacking in flavour! All the crunchy red fruit repeats here, with more cherry and some rhubarb to support the higher acidity. The tannins are low but pleasantly drying, so this fresh red can handle a bit of a chill and would be perfect on a warm evening.


Try this any time you would ordinarily reach for a Pinot Noir - with grilled pork loin in a cherry reduction, or with a simple roast chicken. It's even light enough to match with fish, and would be perfect served with classic cedar-planked salmon.

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