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Irvine Spring Hills




Irvine Spring Hills


South Australia, Australia

Alc. 13.3 %

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We know that most people will be familiar with Merlot, the grape varietal, and most have enjoyed a wine from Australia, but a Merlot from Australia is less common. Although Merlot is more widely planted today, it has taken a while for it to gain traction in Australia. We learned that Australia only first began recording their tonnage of Merlot crushed yearly in 1987. Prior, there wasn't enough produced to warrant tracking. Irvine Wines is dedicated to the production of Merlot and highlighting its regional qualities from both Barossa and Eden Valley.

The Merlot in this wine is sourced from two different vineyard sites. The Eden Valley fruit is a bit cooler climate compared to Barossa, and the combination of each creates a balanced and true representation of the varietal from the South-Australia region. The name, Spring Hill, is coined after the Eden Valley vineyard, which comprises a portion of the grapes in this wine. The 2017 vintage has received great press and some awesome scores, including a 90 point rating! A great wine to open tonight and enjoy with almost any meal, but you can also hold onto it for another couple of years. Serve at room temperature, 18 C.


Clear, consistent and deep in colour with strong berry aromas of cranberry, currant, cherry, and raspberry. The red fruit medley is ripe and bright and followed closely by dried florals, cocoa nibs, and balsamic. This is a wine that gets more interesting with time, so be patient and practice your glass swirls.


The flavour profile on the palate is consistent with the aromas, which leads to a seamless experience from sniff to sip. The berries are still ripe and juicy, but the addition of tart flavours from the cranberry offer variety and complexity. The body is medium weight, but the fresh and zippy acidity really elevates the flavours. The tannins are fine and smooth, adding to the supple and soft mouthfeel.


Irvine Wines suggests balsamic beef short ribs, which makes our mouths water. You could also pair it with anything from Margherita pizza to a basic grilled cheese sandwich.

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