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Black's Station Malbec




Black's Station Malbec


Yolo County, United States

Alc. 13.9 %

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In the US, you'll find a vast majority of Malbec is grown in California. Though the number of vines in the US is nowhere near as extensive as in Argentina, American Malbec can thrive north of the equator in similar climate regions. Enjoying warm days and cool nights, Malbec grapes are dark-skinned and make a very popular wine variety. You've likely had a glass of Malbec at some point in your wine journey, but what about a Cali Malbec? This offering from Black's Station is the perfect introduction if you haven't dived into American Malbec.

Found in Yolo County, California, Black's Station was founded by J.J. Black and exemplified the region's old frontier style. With rich soil in red gravel and cool, breezy nights, this California location offers long growing seasons. Black's Station utilizes the terroir and grows impressive crops using experimental trellis techniques, new clones, new irrigation methods, and more. A truly innovative wine brand that mixes old-world charm and rustic surroundings while embracing new technology. This Malbec can be enjoyed now through 2024 at 18 C.


An endlessly tempting bunch of bright, bold fruits like raspberry and cherry is met with mild notes of leather. If that doesn't get your mouth watering, just wait until you take your first sip! The fruits are the star here, with strong aromas that invite us into every glass we pour.


We love a good Malbec and there is nothing missing from this California example. Bold, juicy flavours of cranberry, cherry, vanilla, and dried blueberry. Subtle smoky undertones add some depth to the fruit upfront. It has great structure and the right tannic warmth we love to see in a bold red.


This is a complex wine calling for your very best slow roasted meat: a leg of lamb or prime rib with creamy mashed potatoes. Of course a wine like this will also stand strong on its own.

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