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Mucho Mas


Central Valley, Chile

Alc. 13 %

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Mucho Mas means "much more," and after our first sip of this smooth, medium bodied Merlot, we agreed that it was just what was needed. Chile is a winegrower's paradise - isolated between the cool Pacific and the snow-capped Andes mountains, and it possesses nearly every trait you'd look for in an ideal winemaking environment. Snow runoff from the mountains means that irrigation is rarely necessary, and ocean breezes prevent the development of most grape diseases. And of course, there's plenty of sunshine for optimal ripening!

Mucho Mas Merlot is a blend of fruit sourced from two family-owned vineyards: the Martin Family, at the western, high-altitude end of the Curico valley, and the El Milagro Estate on the valley floor. Fruit from the first contributes freshness and elegance, while the second, thanks to the warmer location, provides richness and softness. The final blend is aged in stainless steel and is perfect for enjoying now or over the next few years, served at a cool 18 C.


Ripe red fruit leads the charge, with aromas of red plum, pomegranate, and fresh cherries. There's no oak present, but there's a lovely earthy component that reminds us of dried leaves and a hint of sweet baking spices like nutmeg or cloves.


Mucho Mas Merlot is medium-bodied and dry, while the tannins are silky smooth. All the red berry characteristics are repeated on the palate, with raspberry, cherry, and strawberry flavours. The brisk acidity keeps it mouth-wateringly fresh and would work great with a slight chill.


We love this wine for its versatility with food. It works great with anything from a vegetarian lasagna, to a char-grilled burger, to savoury roast lamb.

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